Endless roaming through the woods

With 2,000 hectares of woodland and four playing fields for the children, the gigantic Pijnven woods are definitely the place to be for those who love a real, good, if not brisk, walk through the forest. Other wonderful attractions on offer include the Vlindervallei or Valley of the Butterflies and the artwork De Boom In (Growing into the Trees) by Will Beckers. The Forest Residents’ Route is a playful walk for children where they learn more about themselves and the creatures living in the woods.

Walking Routes

  • Forest Residents’ Route (blue): 2.4 km
  • Interactive Route (orange): 6.4 km
  • Red Route: 10.3 km

How to get there

If you are coming by car, there is parking at the Pijnven car park, Kiefhoekstraat z/n, 3940 Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium

If you prefer public transport, take bus No. 18a or 29 (3 km from the start)

Tip: Make sure you put on clothes that can take some dirt, because the children will undoubtedly play their heart out in the woodland playground!

Extra: Climbing and clambering, or take a little rest

A little past the start sign of the walking routes, you’ll see two large clearings on your left, separated by a small patch of trees. They’re there for you to take a well-deserved rest after your walk. Though if the children aren’t tired yet, they can go climbing and clambering to their little hearts’ content on the new playing elements or in the woodland playgrounds!