A green oasis in the desert

The Sahara really looks like a small desert, interspersed with bright blue lakes, patches of heathland and fragrant pine and deciduous woods. The picturesque and changing landscape turns walks here into a truly unique experience, as many birds have found a home on and around the water and grebes, ducks and swans come to spend the winter on the sandy plain.

Walking Routes

  • Blue Route: 2.9 km - Walk for children
  • Orange Route: 5.9 km
  • Red Route: 12 km
  • Connecting Route: 1 km

How to get there

If you are coming by car, there is parking at Evenementenhal De Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat 10, 3920 Lommel, Belgium
If you prefer public transport, take bus No. 29 and 713

Please note: part of the Sahara’s walking routes are difficult to access with buggies due to the loose sand.


The Bosland reception is located in front of the entrance to the domain and marked by a small playground and some educational elements. These are only a small hint of what’s to come, because further along the route, you’ll encounter the beautiful, natural woodland playgrounds designed by Land Art artist Will Beckers.

On the Blue Route, you’ll meet two playing elements disguised as residents of the Sahara: a great big slithery snake to crawl through and a woodlark who will take you on a flight amongst the trees.

Definitely also climb the tower if you’d like to look out over the Sahara from 30m high!

Extra: Snoozing in a hammock

Imagine lying stretched out with your eyes closed, listening to the peaceful rustling of the leaves with the warm rays of the sun on your face... You can now do it in a hammock in the Sahara! Just take your very own cheerfully-coloured Fairtrade hammock and ropes with you in your handy Bosland rucksack and look for your perfect place to snooze between the trees. To help you, we’ve already put together a list of great spots for hammocks along your walk.

Hammocks, including small versions for the Sahara’s youngest visitors, can be borrowed for free at the counter of De Soeverein event hall or Optisport Sportcentrum de Soeverein, but please remember that you need to leave an identity document or pay a €50 deposit which will be paid back to you when you hand your hammock in again. Hammocks can be borrowed from 15 March to 15 October.

More info is available at the counter of event hall De Soeverein or Optisport Sportcentrum de Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat 10, 3920 Lommel, Belgium, or call +32 (0)11 54 84 00. If you want to be really sure you’ll be able to enjoy one of these great Bosland hammocks, then please reserve in advance.